Nepal 2.0

I began this blog in 2019 as a chronicle of my trip to Nepal.   What preparations would be needed?  How would I train?  What fears or anticipations might arise?  I posted two short entries, test bounces before the plunge.

And then 2020 and the pandemic and numerous cancellations.  I rescheduled three separate times, finally to the March 2023 trek, which is now three months away.  I’ve paid my balance and reserved my tickets. 

It’s happening.

I feel a bit queasy frankly.  Maybe it’s anticipation of the altitude, or the expense, or the terror of traveling alone.  What kind of crazy is it to chose Nepal for your first trip?  I’ve done nothing, gone nowhere.  I’ve been off the North American continent exactly once, 43 years ago, and that with a group of American high school students. Shouldn’t I go first to somewhere closer, more familiar, like some island off the coast? Or maybe Europe?

Then again, when going into chilly waters, there’s no point in baby steps.  Dive in.  Absorb the shock. Come up for air and look around.  It should be amazing.  Right? 

Once again, I’m going to start chronicling my preparations here.  The physical part is straight-forward.   There’s a training program to work on knee stability and balance.  I’ll continue running and hiking to increase my stamina.  Breathing – there are exercises I’ll need to work on there too.  The mental and spiritual preparations will be more slippery.  How do I want to approach such an adventure?  How do you anticipate without the burden of too much expectation?  Is there something I’m looking for? 

Silly question. There are all manner of things, eternities that I am searching for. What will I find, that’s the mystery.